Home charging speeds explained

If you’re buying a plug-in car or you’ve been given one as a company car, you may be wondering what on earth a home charger is versus a fast or rapid charger, which wallbox to go for, and why plugging a BMW iX into a three-pin plug will barely heat up its battery, let alone […]

Kia Niro Hybrid 4 1.6 GDi

Report 4 One of the nice things about Christmas is that we always host the family, so everyone comes to us, which means that we don’t have a lot of travelling around to do. With all of them living within a ten-mile radius, and the fact that we’re lucky enough to have a couple of […]

Volvo V90 Cross Country B5 AWD Plus Geartronic

Report 4 There’s something reassuring about driving a Volvo in winter. It stems from an assumption that surely any cold or snow we face here must pale into insignificance compared with a Swedish winter, where the V90 is designed and engineered, and much of its testing takes place. You only have to watch the wipers […]

Citroën ë-C4 Sense

Report Three It’s become much easier to switch to battery power recently, but I reckon it takes a full year of seasonal changes to really get to grips with what an electric car is capable of. Plunging temperatures over the last few weeks mean I’m roughly two seasons into that journey with the ë-C4, and […]

Skoda Scala Monte Carlo 1.0 TSI

Report 7 So far, so good. The slight problem-ettes I had with the Scala following the first ‘big freeze’ of the winter appear to have been of the temporary variety. As I mentioned last time around, the navigation system stopped working and there was endless bleeping to warn me that the tyres pressures were low […]