Paint protection and sealant

If you find yourself looking at a product that seems to have hundreds of competing suppliers, all advertising heavily, then you can be sure that the profit margins are high, as they are with car paint protection products. As a buyer, it’s easy to become confused, and therefore quite vulnerable. Like when buying a new […]

Fuel economy and taxation of plug-in hybrids

When Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) arrived on the UK market, people were obviously attracted by the government purchase grants, but also low company car Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) taxation, and also their impressively low CO2 emissions figures and lofty official fuel consumption statistics. Many company car users jumped on the PHEV bandwagon, reaping the benefits of that low […]

Gap Insurance

As with paint protection and fabric protection, another product that new and used car salespeople will often attempt to sell, is Gap insurance, or the less sexily named ‘Return to Invoice’ cover. You’ll not have much time to consider it, and a torrent of its features and benefits will doubtlessly stream from the mouth of […]

The Life of your Car

There were 38.7 million cars registered in the UK at the end of 2019, with an average age of 8.3 years, which is creeping steadily upwards with the recent dive in new car sales. Petrol cars are, on average, 9.1 years old, while diesel is considerably younger at 7.3 years old. By contrast, the average […]

Low cost electricity for EV charging

Part of the electric car appeal, alongside the obvious eco credentials, the purchase grants, and the tax breaks, is the apparent low cost of electricity compared with highly taxed fossil fuels. If diesel was taxed at the same rate as on-road charging electricity, it would cost around one third of what it actually costs now! […]