The bigger picture

Mass market electric cars have been with us for about a decade now, and for all of that time, the popular Fully Charged YouTube channel has been on hand to explain to anyone who is interested in the subject what’s going on. Since 2018, though, Fully Charged has not just been an online presence but […]

Striking out along a different path

It’s a question that won’t go away – what will the government do to replace the large amounts of tax revenue it derives from petrol and diesel fuel as the UK switches to electric cars? According to a recent report in the Times, Downing Street’s policy unit is examining new taxes and charges for motorists […]

Striking out along a different path

How many drivers will really miss the experience of driving a car with a manual gearbox when the world goes electric? Toyota clearly thinks that the number is significant if a recent series of patent filings is anything to go by. This registration, it appears, shows that the company is working on technologies that would […]

Does our self-confessed electric car nut have a new love in his life?

Most cars are pretty much what you expect them to be, but every now and then something comes along that really takes you by surprise. This happened to me recently with the BMW i4, which really is staggeringly good. Now I’ve had a chance to drive it, it’s obvious why the i4 is so appealing […]

A changing infrastructure

Car charging point numbers fall behind as plug-in vehicles surge. That was the alarming headline on a recent press release from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – alarming because concerns about the state of the public charging infrastructure are probably one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of electric cars. On closer […]