Guilty as charged

My wife works in education and once said that she liked children, but why bring your work home? Generally, I subscribe to this view, partly because when I speak to young people, I seem to change from being a regular human being into a patronising old fart. ‘So, young man, what’s happening in the hit […]

Our moaner-in-chief on the car launch circus

Before I became a car hack, I had some rosy fantasies about what the job would be like. From the international travel to driving the cars themselves, motoring journalism seemed impossibly exotic, and I remember boring on to my dad about what a fabulous way to earn a living it must be. With great kindness […]

Here we go again

Has the Ford Focus really been around for twenty three years? I was quite grumpy and quite old when it was launched, now I’m grumpier and older and think that the original car has aged rather better than I have. Taking over from the final, and pathologically timid Escort, it’s hard to remember now just […]

The vision thing

I live in a house called High View. It’s a Victorian semi that’s perched on a smallish hump, hence the name. We have a short, steep drive hemmed in by a low brick wall on one side and a stone bank on the other. It’s a sort of tarmac-lined culvert and getting a car up […]

Do it yourself

Why do I keep doing these things? Over the decades I’ve managed to put my foot in it verbally and physically with monotonous regularity, and some of these cock-ups have related to my work as a motoring journalist. Take the case of the wrong trousers, or more specifically, the only trousers. I’d been invited on […]