For all that is holey

The hole in my road is back. It’s irking me and will probably cause our local newspaper to unearth a self-styled pothole campaigner. I get the feeling that there are a number of tarmac vigilantes. A quick google search revealed one Mark Morell of Brackley, who styles himself as ‘Mr Pothole.’ Think Clark Kent morphing […]

Radio ga ga

I’m so old that I remember the excitement involved when my dad fitted a push button Pye radio to his car, so he could flip from a small selection of crackling, pre-set AM and MW stations by ramming home one of three rectangular chromium buttons. The fact that he wired in this transistorised technical marvel […]

Interior monologue

There’s a fuzz-encrusted five pence piece trapped in my car. This bum fluffed coin of the Realm must have rolled out of my pocket, down the side of the driver’s seat and has become wedged under one of its slider rails. On the odd occasions I clean my car’s interior, I will see this coin […]

Guilty as charged

My wife works in education and once said that she liked children, but why bring your work home? Generally, I subscribe to this view, partly because when I speak to young people, I seem to change from being a regular human being into a patronising old fart. ‘So, young man, what’s happening in the hit […]

Our moaner-in-chief on the car launch circus

Before I became a car hack, I had some rosy fantasies about what the job would be like. From the international travel to driving the cars themselves, motoring journalism seemed impossibly exotic, and I remember boring on to my dad about what a fabulous way to earn a living it must be. With great kindness […]