Do modern cars need undersealing?

There was a time when cars could begin to show signs of rust after just a few years on the road, especially in areas near the sea and where lots of salt grit is spread on the roads in winter. Luckily, those days are largely over, because most manufacturers now pay much more attention to […]

Eco-friendly car cleaning tips

Many motorists are making the switch to eco-friendly car cleaning products, for a variety of reasons. These could be as straightforward as an aversion to certain packaging or chemicals, prevalent in both household and automotive cleaners, or more immediate concerns. If you wash your car right next to your prized flower beds, you probably don’t […]

Five tricks to make your car look like new again

Remember when your car first rolled out of the showroom? New cars have that perfect, factory fresh sheen that looks so great, and it is possible to get your car close to this look with some easy tricks. Andy Goodwin shows you how. 1  Restore exterior trim It happens so gradually, it’s hard to notice […]

Removing small dents and scratches at home

Small parking dings and scratches can be incredibly annoying, detracting from the look of your car and potentially knocking hundreds off its value when it comes time to trade-in or sell. It can also be tricky to know what to do about it, because minor cosmetic damage isn’t usually worth putting in an insurance claim […]

Will new automotive technology change our lives by 2035?

As climate change and the urgent need to reduce pollution shakes up the car industry, the vehicles we buy and our motoring habits are set to undergo the biggest transformation since the motor car was invented. Changes to our new cars will be more far reaching than the new bumpers, incremental fuel economy gains, and […]