Rev matching in the C-HR

Hello Doc, While my old 2006 Toyota Avensis was having an MoT, Toyota gave me a 2021 C-HR with the 1.8-litre petrol-electric hybrid engine as a courtesy car. When I picked up the C-HR from Toyota, I asked for a brochure, as I am always interested in the engine specifications, however they had none. Once […]

Are EVs grounded before they start?

Hi Doc, An unusual request that perhaps could be included in future road tests. Some five years ago, a new neighbour very heavily grounded his new BMW 3 Series between the driveway and pavement. As I was cutting the lawn and heard the noise, I went over to help. Armed with two trolley jacks and […]


Hi Doc, Now that we’ve resolved the political disagreement I had with Ian, I’m back, and we can discuss the equally contentious subject of motoring. I’m now a bit slow, but I wanted to comment on the battery wish-list you used to answer the question from Les in January. Before Diesel Car magazine even existed, […]


Hello Doc/Editor, Excellent mag with a noticeable lack of hyperbole (aka BS). I have been following the various bits of correspondence about touchscreens in cars. I am not a fan and trying to remember the approximate position of the relevant heater button is not conducive to safe driving. I thought that I would add something […]

Touchscreens: over-hyped and over here?

Dear Doc, I have just read the letter from Eddie Minford in your February issue. I too have a car from the Volkswagen Group: a 2018 Skoda Octavia. I totally agree with him and with your response to him about the increasing use of touchscreens. These are dangerous. If travelling with my wife, I ask […]