Paint protection and sealant

If you find yourself looking at a product that seems to have hundreds of competing suppliers, all advertising heavily, then you can be sure that the profit margins are high, as they are with car paint protection products. As a buyer, it’s easy to become confused, and therefore quite vulnerable. Like when buying a new […]

Autoglym Scratch Removal Complete Kit

Any car owner will know the sinking feeling upon finding a scratch, which not only makes a car look scruffy, but could have serious financial repercussions too when you come to sell it. While deep or major scratches will usually need professional attention, Autoglym’s Scratch Removal Complete Kit can come to the rescue for smaller […]

Autoglym Bumper & Trim Gel

Discoloured bumpers and plastic trim can instantly make a car look old and scruffy, even if itís only a few years old, or brand new. The power of the sunís UV rays, chemicals and harsh winter weather can all leave a vehicleís plastic and rubber parts looking mottled, dull and grey. Autoglymís Bumper & Trim […]

Prepare for winter weather says Autoglym

Motorists are being urged by the UK’s leading car care specialist, Autoglym, to take a few quick steps to prepare for a severe cold snap starting next week. The Met Office has warned that next week the UK should expect “significant accumulations of snow in northern and eastern parts, and an increasing risk of overnight frost and icy surfaces” .

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