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Autoglym Bumper & Trim Gel

Discoloured bumpers and plastic trim can instantly make a car look old and scruffy, even if itís only a few years old, or brand new. The power of the sunís UV rays, chemicals and harsh winter weather can all leave a vehicleís plastic and rubber parts looking mottled, dull and grey. Autoglymís Bumper & Trim Gel has been available for years, but Autoglym has redeveloped and further refined the formula after real world testing by its network of detailing professionals, ensuring itís suitable for supercars, classics and commercial vehicles alike. Autoglym claims the result is a versatile gel, adept at everything from refurbishing trim to preventative maintenance and detailing new vehicles, for a wallet friendly £8.99. Find your nearest stockist by visiting the Autoglym website at

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