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Autoglym Scratch Removal Complete Kit

Any car owner will know the sinking feeling upon finding a scratch, which not only makes a car look scruffy, but could have serious financial repercussions too when you come to sell it. While deep or major scratches will usually need professional attention, Autoglym’s Scratch Removal Complete Kit can come to the rescue for smaller scratches and swirl marks, which can’t be removed with car polish alone. The main ingredient is the 100ml tube of Scratch Remover, which is a carefully formulated cutting agent applied with the provided foam applicator. This has been designed to remove imperfections without leaving ‘holograms’ or clouding, even on dark metallic finishes. A finishing cloth and Super Resin Polish are included to restore shine. The kit is a very reasonable £16.99 and is available online at Amazon, at Halfords and other good car repair shops.

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