Volkswagen expands the ID.3 line-up

The Volkswagen ID.3 Pro is available to order now, bringing the multi award-winning electric hatchback’s entry price to £28,670. The Pro electric motor option is available across the ID.3’s Life, Business and Family specifications, and offers a second, 143 bhp power output in addition to the introductory 201 bhp Pro Performance version.

Despite the different motor output to the Pro Performance models, the range of the ID.3 remains the same, with up to 263 miles available on the ID.3 Life Pro from its 58 kWh (net) battery capacity.

In Pro guise, the ID.3 produces 143 bhp and 203 lb ft of torque. This is delivered, as per the rest of the ID.3 range, via a one-speed gearbox, with the car’s full torque output available from a standstill. This translates to a 0-62 mph sprint in 9.6 seconds.

In Life specification, the ID.3 Pro starts at £28,670 – with a £1,320 step-up to the ID.3 Life Pro Performance. The ID.3 Pro’s charging performance remains unchanged, which means that the same 35-minute recharge to 80 per cent capacity at a 100 kW CCS Direct Current charger is achievable.

Further additions to the ID.3 range will arrive during 2021. These include the smallest Pure model with a 45 kWh battery. Full details and timings of these new variants will be released in due course.

Joe Laurence, ID. Family Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “Its transmission may be an innovative one-speed unit, but the ID.3 is metaphorically stepping up a gear with the Pro variant, because it provides an alternative to the top-spec Pro Performance model which has been on sale since September. All of the same features and talents are available on the Pro model, albeit with a slightly lower power output.

“Like many other Volkswagen models, the ID.3 range aims to offer plenty of choice for the customer – and that includes powertrain options. And, of course, making ‘The Electric People’s Car’ accessible to an even wider band of the EV-buying public is a direct and welcome result of this.”

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