Vehicle recall – Ford Kuga PHEV – 2019 to 2020

The Kuga PHEV has been recalled by Ford under reference R/2020/224 (20S38/20S44), as the high voltage battery pack can overheat and result in the venting of hot gas which can ignite vehicle components, or in extreme cases, the entire vehicle.

5,046 examples of the Kuga PHEV are being recalled as at 4th September 2020, with build dates from 1st July 2019 to 7th September 2020 and with VIN numbers ranging from WF0FXXWPMFKJ50072 to WF0FXXWPMHLR89694 affected. To prevent a vehicle fire, the vehicles should not be charged using the external charging cable and the vehicles should only be driven using the default Auto EV mode only. A permanent fix is currently being developed by Ford.

Owners will receive a letter and when a fix is identified, the owner will be invited to visit their local dealer for the resolution to be applied to the vehicle.

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