Upgraded Mitsubishi Outlander now on sale

Mitsubishi in the UK has announced details of its latest Outlander range (11MY) on sale now with significant changes, including the introduction of the all-new Mitsubishi-developed 2.2 Di-D engine on all manual transmission vehicles.

And for the first time in the UK, Mitsubishi will also be introducing a 2WD diesel Outlander variant to the UK market to further underline its pursuit of lower CO2 emissions under its “Intelligent Motion” environmental sub-brand.

The new 2.2 Di-D M/T Mitsubishi engine is an excellent new addition to the Outlander line up combined with a 6 speed manual gear box, and available in 2 or 4 wheel drive options. The all-new Outlander engine features outstanding driving performance as well as excellent environmental credentials, such as more power, lower CO2 levels, better mpg and lower VED tax bands.

  • 14 per cent increase in power from 154bhp to175 bhp on the manual transmissions
  • 12 per cent reduction in CO2 on manual transmission variants
  • Low 162g/km CO2 on the new 2WD Outlander diesel
  • Fuel consumption improvements for all engines,
  • Improvements in VED bands for all engines, with the range now starting at Band G

Since its launch in 2007 sales of the Outlander have been extremely successful, rising year-on-year and selling over three times as many vehicles as the Citroen C-Crosser and the Peugeot 4007 for the same time period. With extremely strong Fleet and Retail activity sales of the Outlander from 2007 – year to date total 9,382 units against the C-Crossers 3,035 and the 4007’s 2,439 making this vehicle the strongest competitor in this segment.

The 2011 model year Outlander derivatives detailed above restore a full range to Outlander, mirroring the range which proved so popular with customers in 2009 and early 2010. Now with the introduction of the new 2WD diesel variant, the broader range offers more customer choice in the segment.

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