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Tune could be lost

Hi guys, I have a Skoda Yeti 2.0-litre TDI which has been re-mapped. Can you tell me if the service action by the VW Group to correct the EA 189 engine emissions problem is likely to alter the engine mapping? If this is likely to affect the re-mapping, how would I then stand if I decide not to have this service action carried out by the VW Group? Any other thoughts? Kindest regards, 

Jim Winton

Guys? No guys here! All of them were burnt on November 5th! Hehe.

I’m somewhat surprised that you haven’t had the recall yet Jim. As I understand it, the rectification to delete the “defeat device” on the NOx emissions control system is simply a software re-write. So I think that it is highly likely that any re-mapped engine submitted for the VW modifications would, as a result, be returned to standard tune. In this situation, I would definitely decline the recall, although that and the re-mapping may cause you problems if and when you eventually come to sell the Yeti. On the other hand, there might be somebody out there who would consider that a bonus!

But you could enquire of the re-mapping company what they might charge you to re-install the re-map, if you were to have the official modification done. A decent company would do it for a minimal cost, I would think. Too many ifs and buts in my reply, I guess, but at least I have mentioned some alternative routes. Keep me posted, if you have time, I would be interested to know which route you take. I can confirm that there are no legal outcomes if you were to decline the official modification. That much has been clarified by VW Group and the Department for Transport. Regards,

Doc D

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