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The cost of good service

My late 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI DSG Mk6 is coming up for its third service, at around 38,000 miles, according to the service reminder. I seem to recall that there should also be a DSG transmission fluid service at 40,000 miles, involving a fluid and filter change, but I think that my cambelt is alright up to 75,000 miles. Can you please confirm all of this Doc, and tell me what sort of costs are involved. Would I be better off if I went to an independent Volkswagen Specialist instead? 


Looking forward to your best advice.

Nigel Stafford


Wise man Nigel, to know what you are in for. Surprisingly, quite a few owners seem to sail through the 40,000 miles mark without having that vital DSG service, and it’s most probably the reason for some DSG problems. Your Volkswagen dealer should spot your mileage and immediately see that you need the service, but what they should also spot immediately is that your car is now five years old, which means that your cambelt is in fact also due for change, on an age basis, rather than on mileage. So it’s going to be fairly costly when you car goes in this time, I’m afraid Nigel, but at least it will all be over and done with for another five years.


Now, cost-wise, I can see why you’re possibly thinking of independents, but you should be aware that Volkswagen are well aware of this source of competition, and have set up a ìno nasty surprisesî fixed price servicing scheme for cars over three years old that attempts to keep owners loyal to Volkswagen garages ñ see ñ where you should be able to see what this lot will cost you. Having got your facts together, I would then ring up your dealer and confirm all the prices, and that they are a ìparticipating dealerî in this scheme, as it’s obviously an option for dealers not to participate, if they wish.


Regarding the work to be done, it much depends on when you had previous services as to whether your service, as indicated in the car, is a simple oil service, or whether that should be a major service. You may have had that last time, as it is supposedly every two years on a time basis. But if your last oil service was at around 25,000 miles, and more than a year ago, when a major service would not have been anywhere due on a miles or time basis, it will be due now. I think you’re looking at either £164 or £329 for either a minor or major service, £184 for a DSG service, and £484 for the cam belt and water pump (adding the water pump change is a wise move, as it costs only £50 more than cam belt alone) which I’m afraid adds up to a tidy amount. There should not be any extras on these costs. I don’t think that you’ll save much at an independent, particularly on a DSG service, which owners have found is often cheaper at a Volkswagen garage.


I hope this gives you the necessary facts, but do confirm all the costs, and make sure you are happy with them before you hand over the keys.



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