Take care of your alloy wheels this winter

If your car is fitted with expensive alloy wheels, then it’s more important than ever to take care of them at this time of year. Road grime, dirt and snow, all contrive to cause damage to your wheels if they aren’t taken care of properly.


Diesel Car has teamed up with Wheelbase Alloys to come up with an invaluable guide on how to take care of them at any time of the year. Whether you’ve got a brand new set that you want to keep in pristine condition, or you want to revitalise a set that are in need of some tlc, follow our invaluable guide to getting the best results.


Cleaning products


Before even unravelling the hose, it’s important that you’ve got the best cleaning products for the job in hand. If you’ve got a chrome finish, make sure that the detergents in the cleaner aren’t going to harm them. Most cleaning products are safe to work on most surfaces, but it’s better to check to make sure.


Never use washing up liquid, acid based cleaners, steam cleaning equipment or tyre shine products, as all of these will harm the surface of the wheel. Make sure that the product that you use is designed specifically for the job in hand – there’s no point in doing more damage than good.


If you’re unsure of the type of alloy wheels that are fitted to your car, check out the Wheelbase alloy wheels UK website for extra advice.


Hints and tips


Wheels can get hot when driving, so make sure that you allow sufficient time for them to cool down when you get home. The brake discs and pads can retain heat for quite a while, so ensure you’ve given them plenty of time to go cold. Always wash each wheel one by one, and finish by rinsing the cleaning solution off, before moving onto the next wheel. Some cleaners can do damage if they are left on for too long.


If you have a chrome finish on your alloy wheels, it is recommended that you take them off during the winter months to avoid damage from salt and grit.


Waxing the wheels can help to protect the surface and make them much easier to clean in the future. Well respected brands like Turtle Wax are available from Halfords and most motor factors.




  • Use a specialist alloy wheel cleaner and a soft non-abrasive cloth.
  • Only clean your wheels when they are cold.
  • Clean the wheels one by one.
  • Rinse off any cleaning solution before moving onto the next wheel.
  • Wax the wheels to protect them, and to make them easier to clean in the future.
  • Don’t use washing up liquid or other household detergents.
  • Don’t steam clean your wheels.
  • Don’t use tyre shine products to clean your wheels.
  • Don’t use acid based cleaners on the wheels.
  • Bookmark Wheelbase Alloys in your internet browser.

More information on wheel care can be found at Wheelbase Alloys, one of the UK’s leading alloy wheels suppliers.


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