Volvo EX30 costs less than Jeep rival

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Volvo has announced pricing and UK specifications for its forthcoming EX30 small electric SUV, which will start from a highly-competitive £33,795. This means at current standings it will undercut models including the Peugeot e-2008 and Jeep Avenger, despite its premium badge. Available to order now, the first customer deliveries are expected in early 2024, and […]

Volvo V90 Cross Country B5 AWD Plus Geartronic

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Report 4 There’s something reassuring about driving a Volvo in winter. It stems from an assumption that surely any cold or snow we face here must pale into insignificance compared with a Swedish winter, where the V90 is designed and engineered, and much of its testing takes place. You only have to watch the wipers […]

Volvo V60 Cross Country B4 AWD Automatic

Almost exactly one decade ago, Volvo made a big announcement about its future. Not only would all of its new products be based on a Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), but all its models would also share a new modular engine family consisting solely of four-cylinder engines, called Volvo Environmental Architecture (VEA). Advantages to VEA were […]

Volvo V60 Cross Country B4 AWD Automatic

First Report It’s a tale of two Volvo’s this month, as a stroke of misfortune instead turned into a pretty handy experiment. With the Crystal White Volvo V60 Cross Country you see above not quite ready for delivery in time for a road trip to Devon, Volvo graciously sent a Fusion Red V60 R-Design to […]


Second Report I’m not normally into designer labels – I don’t care whether my T-shirt was made by Stella McCartney or Stella in Mansfield – but there is one item of clothing about which I admit to snobbery. I absolutely will not wear jeans unless there’s a little red tab that reads ‘Levi’s’. I know […]

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