Volkswagen unveils new Taigo compact crossover

The stage is set for a new body shape from the Volkswagen brand: With the new compact front-wheel drive crossover Taigo, Volkswagen is launching an SUV coupé on the European market for the first time. This sees Volkswagen expand the portfolio of the compact Polo (hatchback) and T-Cross (SUV) models built on the MQB platform with a third chassis variant, which has previously been primarily re-served for high-end models.

The vision thing

I live in a house called High View. It’s a Victorian semi that’s perched on a smallish hump, hence the name. We have a short, steep drive hemmed in by a low brick wall on one side and a stone bank on the other. It’s a sort of tarmac-lined culvert and getting a car up […]

Memories are made of these…

Some might say that motoring journalists have lived something of a high life over the years. Never was it higher than when I gazed out of a window at 60,000 feet above the earth’s surface, with enough height to see the curvature of the earth, while travelling at a speed of Mach 2, which equates […]

Entry-level Volkswagen ID.4 qualifies for plug-in grant

The Volkswagen ID.4 range has grown further, with City and Style variants of the 2021 World Car of the Year rolling out to UK customers. Both models bring the option of ‘Pure’ and ‘Pure Performance’ battery and motor specifications, with the former delivering 52 kWh and 146 bhp, and the latter having 168 bhp on tap, with the same 52 kWh net battery capacity setup. The new City also represents the new entry-point into the ID.4 range, and qualifies for the PIVG, which brings the car’s OTR price down to £32,150. 

Fleet-friendly Style joins Volkswagen’s Golf PHEV line-up

Volkswagen has opened its order books for a fleet-friendly addition to its Golf plug-in hybrid line-up with the unveiling in the UK of the new Golf eHybrid Style model., Volkswagen expects the Golf eHybrid, priced from £32,995, to expand significantly the appeal of the brand’s plug-in hybrid offerings.

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