Laser Tools Oil Funnel Sets

If you dread the mess of an engine oil change or top up, the latest funnel sets from Laser Tools could prove invaluable. Designed specifically for Volkswagen Group (part number 8301) and Renault/Nissan (8302) models, the funnels come with adaptor caps to fit securely to the car’s filler neck, so there’s no way it can […]

The May 2023 issue is now on sale

Diesel & Eco Car Diesel Car

As Volkswagen reveals a concept car of its forthcoming £22k electric car, we reckon it’s significant enough to grace the cover of the May 2023 edition of Diesel&EcoCar. If VW stay true to their word, this cut-price EV will bring price parity to the petrol and diesel world. But is it little more than a […]

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2.0 TDI 4MOTION DSG AUTOMATIC

Considering that just three examples of the Golf Alltrack were sold in the UK during 2020, we’re quite surprised that it has survived to see another generation. It first made an appearance back in 2016 and a grand total of 481 examples have been sold up until the end of last year. That kind of […]

Transporter of delight

If research from RoSPA (those safety-obsessed people who allegedly sleep in high-vis pyjamas) is true, you might be best advised to forget all the dangers out on the open road and focus instead on the ones right next to you.  RoSPA’s analysis of a study in 2019 from the Department for Transport suggested that 3% […]

Our moaner-in-chief on the car launch circus

Before I became a car hack, I had some rosy fantasies about what the job would be like. From the international travel to driving the cars themselves, motoring journalism seemed impossibly exotic, and I remember boring on to my dad about what a fabulous way to earn a living it must be. With great kindness […]

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