Size matters

I recently made the acquaintance of Chester’s Pepper Street car park, and if you’re a local, you’ll know what a joy that was.  Apparently dating from the early 1960s and abutting Chester’s city walls, the Chester Live website was moved to describe Pepper Street thus: “Cramped, damp, dirty. Ugly, ill-planned, unfitting. Concrete, but not even […]

Moving on up

The dictum that less is more doesn’t seem to apply to cars. The number of features most of them contain is frankly ridiculous. Many of them are there to give showroom lackies things that glitter and hypnotise punters into buying. Ambient lighting is a good example. A while back I borrowed a Mercedes-Benz A-Class that […]


MINI has reduced the complexity of its line-up by axing all MINI Hatch One models, discontinuing manual transmission derivatives and deleting the MINI Electric Level 1. In addition, all model lines are no longer available in Sport specification, though Classic and Exclusive models remain. The discontinuation of models means that the cheapest MINI, the Cooper […]

Bright Spark

One of the concerns I’ve always had about electrification, even as an enthusiast for plug-in motoring, is that it might make cars feel bland and samey. In the world of the internal combustion engine, you don’t have to be an expert to tell the difference between a three-cylinder diesel and a petrol V8, but all […]

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