No dipstick!

As I am sure you will recall, I wrote to you recently regarding my Mercedes-Benz C-Class and I told you that I had acquired a transmission fluid filling tool for my 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. I thought that perhaps some of the readers might be interested in making such a purchase. The oil filling pump is […]

Blackpool Tower

I have just read Paul Allerton’s request for help regarding towing, and your reply. I tow a 1,350kg caravan with a Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI BlueEfficiency of 2010 vintage. It is rear-wheel-drive, of course, but with a manual gearbox. When I bought the car at two years old and with 14,500 miles on the clock, […]

A most disturbing experience

Good Morning Doc I hope that you are well. Doc, we have a problem with our Mercedes-Benz C-Class, that we bought on January 31st this year. One day in March, it slammed the brakes on at 40mph, on a wet road, for no reason. Thankfully there was no one behind us! Mercedes-Benz Assist came out, […]

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