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A most disturbing experience

MercedezGood Morning Doc
I hope that you are well. Doc, we have a problem with our Mercedes-Benz C-Class, that we bought on January 31st this year. One day in March, it slammed the brakes on at 40mph, on a wet road, for no reason. Thankfully there was no one behind us! Mercedes-Benz Assist came out, said that there was a warning (light?) and not to drive it. It was taken to Mercedes-Benz Chelsea, who telephoned the next day to say that they could not find anything wrong, and that the system was supposed to do that, as it picks up dips in the road and roundabouts! Not happy at all, I went to Mercedes-Benz Slough, where we bought the car, and they ran a test and found three faults. I contacted Mercedes-Benz UK, and after one week they gave us £250 goodwill, as the dealers had differences. Three and a half weeks ago, the (electronics) system knocked out all of the safety systems on the car. Again, Mercedes-Benz Assist came out, this time fifteen faults were found, and this time the car went into Mercedes-Benz Slough, where no problems were found. Since then, Mercedes-Benz UK have stayed silent. Kindest regards,
Sean Ali-O’Brien

Truly shocking. I’ll come back at greater length, but I would think of either demanding a replacement car, or your money back! Could you give me a more detailed update on where you are at – in terms of what you may be hoping for as an end result, and whether you really are so fed up that you would like to get rid of the car? Sorry this is a short note, but I’m concerned for you, and I don’t as yet have any detailed knowledge regarding these sort of faults. 
Doc Diesel

Well I am totally cheesed off, Mercedes-Benz UK have sent me just one e-mail and no telephone calls since the car went into Slough four weeks ago. I have e-mailed Daimler in Germany this morning to complain. Doc, we do not want the car back, or a replacement – I just want the money that my wife has put into it. A £2,000 deposit and monthly payments of £480 since 31st January 2015. I have a report with the original three faults logged, when the first incident happened in March 2015, while the last incident had 15 faults recorded. From Mercedes-Benz UK, the silence is deafening.

If you don’t hear back helpfully and quickly from Mercedes-Benz in Germany, I should prepare to see a solicitor, and you could start by stopping the monthly payments, obviously advising the finance company. But then maybe legal advice on this first (or from Citizens Advice Bureau) would be wise. 

Then later to Sean: I do suggest that you might find it worth ten minutes of your time for a free legal consultation. You have to remember that you’re up against professionals, and you really need professional representation. Alternatively, I suggest you make an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau, where again you will get free professional advice. You may as well do this while you are waiting hopefully for a response from the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Germany.
Doc Diesel

Hi Doc
Mercedes-Benz got in contact, and they have given us our money back, as we rejected a replacement car. Thank you for your help and advice. I read your column with interest. Kindest regards,

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  1. Mercedes have abandoned the emergency brake feature due to problems of false trigger of the system, as you describe. i believe you are supposed to return the vehicle to the Dealer to have the system isolated

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