Light pollution

Hi Doc I have a 2017 Focus, and back in 2021 it started to show a warning light for tyre sensors not detected. After being reset, they did not come on again for a few days. Gradually the warning started to come on more and more, until it appeared every time the car was driven […]

Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV automatic

Eighth Report It’s been a month of hibernation for the Kuga this month, with many long bank holiday weekends resulting in the Kuga barely turning a wheel. With work so pressurised and busy over the winter months, we’ve taken the opportunity to stay at home, keep the car keys on the hook and instead have […]

Upward mobility

There might be some discreet sniffling at the demise of the Ford Mondeo and VW Passat saloons, but to me the slow death of the MPV multi-purpose vehicle is sadder still. For the past four decades, the best MPVs have been exemplars of clever packaging, unlike a great many so called sports utilities, which often […]

Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV automatic

Invariably when someone new asks me what I do for a living, I wince for a moment, as I know what question will come next. A bit like a doctor, who gets asked about a medical problem the person is suffering with, I tend to get asked either what the best car I’ve ever driven […]

A is for Allegro: An Alphabet of Curious Cars

Take a trip down memory lane, with an illustrated A-Z of nostalgic cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Designer and illustrator Roy McCarthy explores the models that impacted him during his formative years, from the sludge-coloured Austin Allegro his father owned in 1975, to the Ford Zephyr he lusted after. Words are accompanied with […]

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