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Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition 2.5 PHEV automatic

Eighth Report

It’s been a month of hibernation for the Kuga this month, with many long bank holiday weekends resulting in the Kuga barely turning a wheel. With work so pressurised and busy over the winter months, we’ve taken the opportunity to stay at home, keep the car keys on the hook and instead have a drink or two at home. The Barbecue got its first airing, too, which is always cause for celebration. And with road works on the dual carriageway close to our house, who wants to sit in traffic jams when you could be quaffing a glass of chilled wine or an ice-cold beer.

Just before I sat down to pen this month’s report, our Ford Kuga had been whisked off to take part in a twin test, with one of its newest plug-in competitors. You’ll be able to read all about how it does in next month’s issue. The Kuga was the biggest selling plug-in hybrid in March, and indeed quarter one of 2022, so it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up to the latest technology, taking into account that the Kuga plug-in hybrid has been on sale for a couple of years now. Check next month’s issue to see if the bright red Ford can hold its head high, or whether it is embarrassed in defeat.

Because I’m so keen to add every kilowatt of electricity possible when the Kuga is sat motionless on the driveway, I make sure that I plug it in as soon as I get home from a journey. But I wish I could remember to reverse the procedure when I leave the house, as every single time I get into the car, press the engine start button, and then wonder why it won’t start. Then I remember that the charging cable is attached, and I have to walk around the car to unplug it. It’s because the cable is plugged in on the passenger side, and my front door is positioned close to the driver’s side of the Kuga that it is a problem. If we drove left hand drive cars over here, I wouldn’t face the embarrassment of forgetting to unplug, as I would have to walk right past the cable to get into the car. I’ve tried different ways of remembering to unplug the car, but still I can’t get my brain in gear. I feel so daft when I do it, so if you’ve got any ideas to solve this silly issue, I’d really like to hear them. I’ve thought about putting a note on the inside of the front door that would be hard to miss, but I bet you that I would still forget to unplug it. Not even the sight of the curly snake-like cabling makes me realise – I think I might be just a little bit thick!

Arrived 17th September 2021
Mileage 6,871
Economy 256.8mpg (combined) 235.4mpg (on test)

What's Hot

It’s a best-seller, more Kuga PHEVs than any other plug-in hybrid were sold in March, and also the first quarter of 2022.

What's Not

I always forget to unplug the charging cable when getting in the car. I then wonder why it won’t start, and then I realise I’m an idiot.

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