Do you remember the 1991 W140 S-Class? The mighty W140 is generally considered to be one of the finest cars ever made, and it’s often said to be the last model to embody Mercedes’ uncompromising old-school engineering-led approach to product development. But this mostly magnificent Merc also harvested a fair amount of criticism alongside the […]

The bigger picture

Mass market electric cars have been with us for about a decade now, and for all of that time, the popular Fully Charged YouTube channel has been on hand to explain to anyone who is interested in the subject what’s going on. Since 2018, though, Fully Charged has not just been an online presence but […]

Green electricity

As we’ve pointed out previously, the benefits of electric power for transport hinges significantly on how green the electricity is when vehicles are charged. Some electricity suppliers claim to supply only renewable “zero carbon” electricity, where they “buy” green electricity on the wholesale market. But there isn’t an inexhaustible supply of “green” zero carbon electricity […]

It’s official: an EV may save you dosh, but it’s no steal

If you’ve crossed over to the spark side, congratulations! You’ve ditched combustion and now are free to pursue a motoring life unshackled from the angst of fuel queues, GBH from unanticipated mechanical bills and those ever-looming existential questions that nag anyone who doesn’t have a second home on planet B.  But there must, surely, be […]

The solid-state electric vehicle battery

Current lithium-ion (Li-ion) electric vehicle battery technology and production is continually being refined, and has progressively reduced battery costs over recent years, but rising raw material costs now threaten that progress. Projections of data showing falling Li-ion battery costs over a decade are being made when there’s no certainty of past performance being replicated. With […]

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