What do Electric Vehicle battery packs cost?

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We’re all used to renewing devices because of depleted battery life, or even taking the batteries out and throwing in new ones. No wonder, then, that the idea of owning an expensive car with a giant battery is a daunting prospect for many motorists. Yet, electric car batteries are a different kettle of fish, and […]



Last month I was explaining how the degree of choice in the lowest price bracket for electric cars is probably going down, even as the overall number of models of electric vehicles on the market multiplies seemingly day-by-day. Cars like the smart EQ range, Volkswagen’s e-Up! and the Hyundai Ioniq are fading away without immediate […]

Charge anxiety

Drivers get more time to go electric in energy strategy. That was the headline that appeared above a recent online newspaper article about the Scottish government’s new 194-page ‘Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan’, which apparently moved the phase-out date for new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030 to 2032. It soon turned […]

February issue out now

It’s another bright cover this month, but this car still has its fair share of disguise still on it, thanks to Volkswagen’s teaser campaign for its upcoming ID.7. You can find out everything we know about the pure electric large car in the February 2023 issue of Diesel&EcoCar. We’ve also got the first photos of […]

A cautionary tale

The path to the big electric switchover continues to be a bumpy one. Electric cars are selling well but they are still expensive by most buyers’ standards, whether new or second hand. The high prices seem to be the result of tight supply conditions resulting from chip shortages and other supply chain issues and remind […]

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