The Extra Mile

It’s a challenging time for diesel owners, assaulted regularly as we are in the media, and by the medical experts, for the noxious gases that our engines emit, and threatened with exclusion from city centres, or with heavy charges whenever we might need to enter them. So there is undeniable pressure to consider alternative power […]

DSG Problems

Hello Doctor,   You may remember me from three years ago with the SEAT Altea which kangaroo-ed and stalled. Well, the garage found no fault, even after I paid £200 to have the oil changed, so I traded it in for a pre-registered SEAT Leon Technology 2.0TDI DSG ñ what a mistake! I now have […]

The cost of good service

My late 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI DSG Mk6 is coming up for its third service, at around 38,000 miles, according to the service reminder. I seem to recall that there should also be a DSG transmission fluid service at 40,000 miles, involving a fluid and filter change, but I think that my cambelt is […]

An oily problem

I’m sorry that it’s been a while since I last contacted you regarding the kangarooing problems on my 2006 Altea (see issue 342). I have since then, as you urged, had the automatic gearbox (DSG) oil changed on the Altea, and I have had no more problems as yet. I have had the car from […]

Jumping to conclusions?

I have a 2006 SEAT Altea with the DSG gearbox that’s been serviced every year by a SEAT garage. When starting up from cold now, for the first couple of miles on low engine revs, the car is kangarooing. The garage says that it needs the DSG gearbox oil changing, which is normally done at […]

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