Fine tuning your driving Getting the best from your car begins with being a happy driver: Simon Hacker rummages through the glovebox for a musical tune-up that might ensure man and machine co-exist in harmony. 1 This month’s theme of tuning and economy offers a timely opportunity for us to air an oft-forgotten truth: music soothes […]

The Extra Mile

  Let’s go back to real basics with regards to fuel economy. If you don’t really know the abilities and characteristics of your car’s engine and transmission, you will always struggle to get the best out of it, both in terms of performance and economy. If you are not in the best gear for any […]

Blowing Safe

Most sensible drivers stick to soft drinks ahead of any car trip. It is dangerously daft to do otherwise: hazardous for personal safety and that of others, and also risky for licence preservation. But there are also many who enjoy a drink, but aim to play safe by having just one or two, hopeful of […]

Driving home? You must be crackers

A fresh sprinkling of statistics suggest we’ll be in our cars less than ever this Christmas. Simon Hacker unwraps the truth 1 Yes, it’s that time of year again when we hear a lot of traffic-based lyrics. Chrissie Hynde will warn you that two thousand miles is no commute for anyone who’s had one mince pie […]

Warning of intended prosecution

Question I have been served with a magistrates’ court requisition for speeding, but I have not prior to this received a notice of intended prosecution. I was stopped by the police at the time (about three months ago), although there was no accident or anything of that kind. All they told me is that I […]

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