Riskier summer driving

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Summer heralds the onset of clear blue cloudless skies, holidays, road trips, festivals, barbecues, and a general feeling of well-being for most. Driving during the summer months is, however, surprisingly, riskier. June, July, and August statistically, attract the heaviest traffic on UK roads, with July seeing the largest spike in speeding offences being committed on […]

Great roads

The past year and a half have given all of us time to ponder on the things we have missed most during an exceptional diversion from normality. Friends, family, and freedom have all been on pause. So too has travel, and the option to drive where we want, and when we want to. Now, though, […]

Vehicle stopped for driving without a front tyre

Police have previously stopped a motorist for driving a car with its front tyre completely missing. There was no front panel on the driver’s side, with what appeared to be leads or cables trailing along the road behind it.     Officers stopped the vehicle in Pembrokeshire, and it was confirmed that the vehicle had […]

Smoking More Costly Than Ever?

Road traffic law has evolved significantly over the years with many proposed changes having come through to fruition. It is often difficult for motorists to keep track of new offences, and itís common that people end up being charged with an offence not knowing that theyíve even committed one! This can be said for the […]

Ice Ice Baby

Driving on ice for the first time isn’t something you want to attempt by accident. So how do you learn how to handle a car when the temperature tumbles? We sent the youngest member of the Diesel Car team to find out.   When it comes to ice and snow, in the UK at least, we always […]

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