Saving the Hybrid

Quite some years ago, Emissions Analytics, the UK’s respected researchers on the subject of vehicle emissions, made some detailed studies on the practicalities of conversion of road transport to electric power. It concluded that, when EV battery supplies are limited (as they were, and still are), the cause of reducing CO2 emissions was better served […]

The Extra Mile

Mnemonics are a bit trendy, and perhaps rather over-used these days, but one popped up recently in relation to driving that seems quite useful, and easy enough to remember. It’s COAST. The letters mean Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space, and Time, the merits of all five of which we’ve covered in relation to eco-driving over the […]

The Big Question, again…

Dear Doc,   I have just trawled through the data pages of the August edition (issue 391) with the noble intention of possibly identifying an electric medium-sized SUV which would meet our present driving needs, which include two annual six week trips to Germany. I even looked at the baby SUVs and smaller cars, but […]

How Green is your EV?

Considering pure electric cars, we’ll take a look at how ìgreenî they can be, and contrastingly how ìdirtyî they can also be, depending not on the efficiency of the car itself, and its battery, but as an owner based on your geographic location. We’ll look at this strictly in terms of carbon dioxide (ìglobal warmingî) […]

Extra Mile

It’s not inappropriate to step back and consider the global resources and environmental aspects of power for personal road transport. Back in the 1970s, reserves of crude oil were a big talking point, and the term ìPeak Oilî was coined to represent the unknown future date when world oil production would peak, and thereafter fall […]

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