What do Electric Vehicle battery packs cost?

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We’re all used to renewing devices because of depleted battery life, or even taking the batteries out and throwing in new ones. No wonder, then, that the idea of owning an expensive car with a giant battery is a daunting prospect for many motorists. Yet, electric car batteries are a different kettle of fish, and […]

Will my EV battery deteriorate like the one in my smartphone does?

Next to driving range, the life of an EV’s battery pack is often one of the biggest worries cited by prospective electric car buyers. It’s hardly a surprise, given that we’ve all experienced the reduction in battery life of smartphones and other technology after just a few years use, which often then become disposable items. […]

The Heat Pump in Electric Cars

We’ve become familiar with the terminology climate control as applied to heating, cooling, and ventilation of car cabins, and we’re well aware that the heat, when needed, comes from engine heat, and that the cooling, again when needed, comes from a form of refrigeration. That inevitably uses power drawn from the engine to operate the […]

New Renault Zoe can go the distance

A new Renault Zoe with a 250-mile range – the longest of any mainstream electric vehicle – was unveiled in Paris today and will go on sale in the UK in November.

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