How lockdown has been affecting our roads

At the time of writing, we were being allowed to drive for leisure and work purposes, so here are some hints and tips as we ease ourselves back into the driving seat, and onto the roads.   Plan your journey   This is the ultimate point that we cannot stress enough. A significant portion of […]

Accidents involving animals

Who doesn’t love animals? The last few years have witnessed somewhat of a rise in “pet-culture” especially when it comes to dogs. You can take your canine friend into countless venues across the country, and you are probably never too far away from a cat café or similar establishment where you can socialise with some […]

Crash Buddy

If you’re ever been unlucky enough to be in a car accident, you’ll know that the shock and trauma of the incident can make you forget the simplest of things. Gathering details of the other car involved and grabbing the driver’s details can often be made more difficult because you haven’t got anything to write […]

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