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If you’re ever been unlucky enough to be in a car accident, you’ll know that the shock and trauma of the incident can make you forget the simplest of things. Gathering details of the other car involved and grabbing the driver’s details can often be made more difficult because you haven’t got anything to write on, let alone a pen or pencil. It was with this in mind that Diesel Car reader Margaret Weeks came up with the idea of the Crash Buddy. A minor shunt on holiday inspired her to create a handy pack that can be kept in the glovebox of the car. The three note pads allow the details of the other driver, the car they were driving, and the company they are insured with all to be noted down, together with details of any witnesses. The useful prompts mean that you can capture every piece of information at the scene of the accident, rather than having to rack your brains at a later date when the details may have become hazy. The pack has sufficient tear-off pages for six accidents, as well as including a pen and pencil, too. The outer wallet is finished in a choice of seven different patterns and the Crash Buddy is available direct from Margaret Weeks for £8.00 plus £1.50 for the postage and packaging. The Crash Buddy is the kind of handy help that you don’t appreciate fully until you need it to spring into action. It assists in taking some of the stress out of remembering whether you have gathered all of the relevant information, and will assist when notifying your insurance company of a claim. Every car glovebox should have a Crash Buddy.

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