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Superb service? Maybe not!

dd4Hello Doc

An update on my oil-drinking Skoda Superb (see last issue, 349). It went in to the Skoda garage last week, and was examined. No oil leaks were found (I knew that), and nothing else untoward was discovered. We are now in the middle of an oil consumption test. They changed and refilled the oil to their approved level, and I now have to do 186 miles (I’m not sure why that amount) and see if the low oil level light comes on. This is a bit restrictive for me, as I have already done about 60 miles now and it has dropped to the mid-point between the two marks on the dipstick. I suspect that they will get the car back next week. If the consumption is as high as I say, then they are looking at new rings and pistons. Skoda UK Customer Care are aware and are monitoring. Will keep you posted. 


Then later:

Just to keep you posted. No news yet. They have had the car for a couple of weeks, but it appears that Skoda technical are still thinking about it. I get a call every couple of days from Skoda customer care to update me with the fact that nothing has happened. They all seem slightly evasive when I ask what is wrong. I just get the “we are awaiting more technical reports/tests.”

I do have a slightly better loan car now, a new Fabia TDI, although it’s not a great replacement for a Superb SE L 2.0 TDI 190.

To which I replied

Thanks David. It is really not good enough, is it? I, and no doubt you, look forward to hearing more encouraging news. Meanwhile, keep adding up the value of what you are being deprived of by having to suffer a distinctly inferior courtesy car! Best regards

Doc D

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