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P90072939Some advice please. Does the present issue with the Volkswagen group diesels impact upon the process of software rewrites and add-on boxes for extra power and/or economy? Or is it likely to in the future? I have been thinking of having my MINI Cooper D tuned and I don’t want to run into any trouble down the line. I have a clean licence and a good no claims record and, having already sounded out my usual insurer, they say they would have no problems, subject to a not too costly surcharge on my standard annual premium. 

Len Birch

In view of the previous lack of regulatory or legal action in this area Len, I really don’t see any threat of immediate changes in legislation or enforcement taking place. Any action involving MOT stations is quite unlikely, as it similarly is with regard to them checking out whether the offending Volkswagen diesel cars have been subject to corrective action when they go in for test. They simply don’t have the data and equipment, or the time, to get involved in this sort of thing – and even the check for presence of standard equipment DPF filters is merely a perfunctory visual one, with no way of ensuring that a DPF box actually contains any active filtration material, although they might notice if the pressure

sensors have been meddled with. But those of a cautious nature might decide that an easily-removable (check out that it actually is!) add-on tuning box might be the smarter move in the present climate. I might mention that, as readers may have noticed, the Government proposes to consult (with whom though, one might ask?) regarding the possible extension of the first annual MOT to four years. Hope this helps with your decision.

Doc D

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