Skoda teases the new Fabia

Skoda is building anticipation for the upcoming fourth generation of the Fabia by releasing the first official design sketches. The company says the new car will be “significantly larger, more dynamic and more expressive than its successful predecessors”. Switching over to the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Transverse Toolkit MQB-A0 has made the new proportions possible and created more space for passengers and luggage. Additional highlights, according to Skoda, include the sharply drawn front headlights and rear lights featuring LED technology. The world premiere of the new Skoda Fabia will take place this May.

The fourth generation model will be 111 millimetres longer and 48 millimetres wider than its predecessor. This is the first time the new Fabia will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Transverse Toolkit MQB-A0. In addition to more space for passengers, this also adds an extra 50 litres to the boot. The diagonal front view offers a first glimpse of the flat front headlights and the wide Skoda grille.

The elongated roof spoiler with side finlets are designed to ensure excellent aerodynamics along with the aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors and actively adjustable cooling shutters in the front bumper’s lower air inlet.

The first generation model, which was also presented as an estate in 2000, saw 1.79 million units produced in approximately eight years, while the second generation unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007 found a total of 1,704,000 buyers. The third generation launched in 2014 became Skoda’s second most popular model after the Octavia, for example in 2019. The Czech manufacturer’s total production volume of more than 4.7 million Fabias to date is surpassed only by the Octavia.

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