Skoda Kodiaqs converted for emergency services

Skoda has supplied a fleet of Kodiaqs to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT), which have undergone one of the brand’s most ambitious conversions to date. The operational commanders required a bespoke conversion that involved elements such as moving the brand’s 9.2-inch infotainment screen on to the passenger’s side, a fully converted storage area for equipment, additional power supplies, auxiliary battery, split charging and mains shoreline capability.

SWASFT has taken delivery of 18 Kodiaqs that have been converted by Skoda’s approved partner, Halls Electrical Ltd. A fully qualified team of engineers modified the seven-seat SUV for the ambulance service to meet the operational requirements of its clinical team. The Kodiaq’s vast interior space enabled the team to make numerous design and operational changes.

One of the main elements to the new design is the inclusion of a second screen in the centre console and the movement of the existing infotainment system to be positioned above the glove box. The new screen houses important information relating to 999 calls. The Skoda infotainment system has full functionality with features such as Sat Nav, DAB radio and SmartLink+.

The 720-litre boot has been re-designed to house essential life-saving equipment and offer plenty of storage compartments. In the rear, two seats have been removed to provide additional space for equipment, a fire extinguisher as well as an in-built combination safe for storing controlled drugs.

Robin Gwinnett, Learning and Development Manager for South Western Ambulance Service, commented: “We have chosen the Skoda Kodiaq as our operational officer vehicle because of the space available for the specialist and technical equipment required by this staff group. The vehicle offers the level of safety and comfort that our crews demand from operational vehicles. It blends excellent on-road handling characteristics with enough off-road performance for the majority of the situations our operations officers face on a daily basis.”

Rob Hughes, Halls Electrical Technical Director, added: “Working closely with the fleet department and operational commanders from SWASFT, we have produced a compliant, cost effective solution to fully meet the requirements of this wide ranging and complex role.”

Bespoke conversions for emergency service fleets can be provided through Skoda’s ‘one-stop’ shop package. Alongside finance solutions, Skoda fleet can provide the vehicles fully converted to suit specific requirements.

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