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Short odds on solving this one….

Web05Dear Doc, regarding my wife’s smoking Yaris 1.4 D-4D (Issue 335), I can now report that the car did receive a recall on the engine problem and we took it into the local Toyota dealer, who had carried out the diagnostic test previously. As part of this recall on the engine, they fitted a new turbocharger, new intercooler, new vacuum pump, and all the ancillary pipework. As we had paid for the previous diagnostic test, they cleaned the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve whilst they had the car. All in all good service from our Toyota dealer. I’ll keep you posted on any further smoking issues, as we’ve now extended the warranty for another two years, as the car has only done 12,700 miles.
William Hill

Well, didn’t you come out well with that one? Half a new engine, as one might almost say! Time that the Yaris gave up smoking, anyway! Many thanks for the update then, and good on Toyota UK. I’ll publish this, as they deserve some praise. It’s not often that manufacturers go the extra mile like that. I’m always interested to hear how things are going. You might think about the quality of fuel that you’re using, and maybe having an oil change once a year, regardless of mileage.
Doc Diesel

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