Servicing plans from £6 per month for electric MGs

MG is now offering its EV customers a full service plan from just £6 a month. “Our mobile phones are paid monthly. Our favourite boxset streaming service is paid monthly. So why pay for your car’s servicing any differently?,” said MG’s Head of Aftersales, Harvey France. “Owners can now spread their running costs with our new pay monthly service plans from MG”.

“Whilst our servicing has always been affordable, spreading the cost into easy monthly payments means you get peace of mind that your bills are covered, anywhere from two years up to five – it’s just another example of how EVs are driving down the cost of motoring as well as improving emissions.”

Taking advantage of the service plans means MG owners get their periodic maintenance alongside a full safety inspections by MG Certified Technicians, while each time the car is serviced by an MG Dealer, it is registered on MG’s Digital Service Record (DSR) system, which gives an additional 12 months MG Assistance (provided by the AA).

MG is also offering similar service plans on its petrol models, starting from £14 a month. Approved Used and privately purchased pre-owned MGs are also eligible.

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