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Web06Apologies for not having replied before regarding my E 320 CDI that was cutting out regularly (Issue 326), but I have been away on holiday and wanted to see how the car performed whilst away. I took my Mercedes-Benz to a different garage for a second opinion, suspecting like yourself that the problem was not the turbocharger, and with the possibility of technicians not being able to decipher the information the diagnostic equipment was giving them. The garage replaced a faulty oxygen sensor and treated the engine with Wurda additive, (does he mean Wurth, I ask myself? Doc) which has been totally successful. I then coupled up my heavy caravan and headed off to my native South Wales on holiday, doing approximately 500 miles towing the caravan. The car now goes like a dream. I have now, since returning to Yorkshire, put in two full tanks of fuel and have not experienced any problems. However, I think that I will add some of the Millers additive occasionally from now on. Thank you very much for your helpful advice, it just goes to prove that involving Diesel Doc proved invaluable! I look forward to reading further articles in Diesel Car magazine. Kindest regards,
Basil Davies

Many thanks Basil. That’s really good news and I’m really pleased the car is back in top nick. It’s a very nice car that deserves to be running fault-free and at its best. Glad that I helped in a small way. Best wishes for the future,
Doc Diesel

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