Safety and tech updates for the Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota has added to the specification of Prius Plug-in with new features that add to its safety and on-board connectivity performance. The latest upgrades include the addition of Lane Trace Assist to the Toyota Safety Sense package of active safety and driver assistance systems, fitted as standard to all the models.

Lane Trace Assist

Lane Trace Assist operates with the full-range, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, helping the driver keep the car centred in its traffic lane. Using the forward-facing camera and millimetre-wave radar, it monitors lane markings on the road surface. If it detects any unintended deviations, it will provides gentle steering inputs to keep the car to its correct course, both on straight roads and through curves. If the markings are faded or obscured, it will follow the path of the vehicle ahead. The system makes for safer driving and reduces the burden on the driver, particularly in busy traffic.

Smartphone connectivity

Prius Plug-in now comes with Toyota’s latest multimedia package, which includes smartphone connection to the system, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

This gives users easy access to their favourite social media, information, navigation and entertainment apps, personal calendar and contacts via the car’s central eight-inch multimedia control screen.

MyT app

With the addition of a data collection module, Prius Plug-in gains access additional MyT app functions, plus eCall to provide an automatic alert to the emergency services in the event of a serious impact.

Useful connected services can also be reached using the app, via the Toyota web portal. Features include useful information about Toyota, service alerts, “find my car” vehicle location, journey planning and coaching on how to achieve the best eco-driving performance.

MyT also logs driving data, so information about mileage, speed and performance from previous journeys can be accessed and analysed.

On sale now

The updated Toyota Prius Plug-in is on sale now. On-the-road prices are £32,645 for the Business Edition and £34,745 for the Excel model.

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