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Ring Lithium Jump Starter and Power Packs RRPL250 and RRPL400

With fewer journeys during travel restrictions, many drivers have found their vehicles refuse to start when called upon. One of Ring’s car Power Packs could be the ideal solution, with a lithium battery designed to jump start a vehicle and recharge a phone up to four times from a single charge, yet small enough to fit in a glovebox. The 9,000mAH RRPL250 can start a vehicle with an engine up to 2.5-litres, and wireless charge compatible smartphones. Meanwhile, the 16,800mAH RRPL400 High Power can start a 3.5-litre diesel (or 6.0-litre petrol). Both also have an LED light, two USB sockets and a 12-volt adaptor to charge multiple devices at once. Either could prevent you being left stranded and keep communications up and running.

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