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Ring Connect app

Ring Automotive has launched a new smart way for motorists to take care of their car, with an expert ‘app’ at the touch of a button. The new Ring Connect app works with a range of compatible Ring products and provides car maintenance updates and reminders, taking the hassle out of car ownership. The app has been developed over the course of a year with 4,000 hours of development and feedback from ten focus groups. The new app is simple to download, and after a short registration process, the vehicle can be linked to the app in order to utilise any of the products in the Ring Smart range. The first product to be launched is a Smart Digital Tyre Inflator, priced at £44.95. Once the app is registered, it will send the tyre inflator the information needed to inflate the tyres to the correct manufacturer recommended pressure. All that is required is a confirmation of the tyre settings, connect to the Smart Digital Tyre Inflator, sync and inflate. A leak detection test will be performed remotely to ensure the tyres are safe and operating at their optimum level. Periodically, the owner will receive updates and reminders, to keep the car in perfect condition, and taking care of some of the laborious aspects of car ownership.

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