Renault launches new Alaskan pick-up

Alaskan%20-%20EMBARGO%2017h00UK%20300616%20(4)Renault has introduced the new Alaskan pick-up which is based on a concept unveiled in September 2015.

The Alaskan is a one-tonne pick-up that Renault says takes a completely fresh approach to the segment, with an imposing front-end, a five-link rear suspension and a fully boxed frame. Two- and four-wheel drive variants will be available.

The Alaskan uses the Renault 2.3-litre dCi engine. The new model will first go on sale in South America and sales in other markets will be confirmed at a later date. Early cars will be produced in Mexico and production will also later take place in Europe at Nissan’s Barcelona plant.

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