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Seetroën anti motion sickness glasses by Citroën

More than 30 million people suffer from travel sickness in Europe, which has led CitroÎn, in association with start-up company Boarding Ring, to develop glasses that eliminate motion sickness. And far from being complicated, the solution is actually quite simple, as demonstrated by these SeetroÎn glasses. A moving coloured liquid simulates the horizon line to stop your senses from wrestling with the mixed messages that result in motion sickness. The white soft-touch plastic glasses should be worn as soon as the initial symptoms of motion sickness appear, but after 10 to 12 minutes, the glasses can be removed after the mind has resynchronised with the movement perceived by the inner ear, while the eyes are focussed on a smartphone or book. Designed for use by adults or children over ten years old, this is the age at which the inner ear finishes growing. And because there are no lenses in the glasses, the SeetroÎn glasses can be shared with travelling companions that have similar problems with motion sickness, and can be worn over prescription eyewear. The groundbreaking SeetroÎn glasses can be ordered from the CitroÎn Lifestyle Boutique at a cost of €110, though currently CitroÎn is offering 10 per cent off the first order, bringing the cost down to €99. Be quick, as the offer may not last long.

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