New Focus goes back to school

The all-new Ford Focus is set to attract new admirers among learner drivers as it joins the fleet of the AA Driving School.

More than 1,650 new Ford Focus models are to be absorbed into the school’s 2,200-strong vehicle fleet by the end of January 2012.  The best seller will join the Ford Fiesta to provide students using the UK’s leading driving school with the best choice of cars in which to enjoy their first motoring experience. Ford has supplied the AA Driving School on an exclusive basis since 1998, the year the original Focus was launched, and is mid-way through a three-year deal which will see it supply in excess of 8,000 cars.

Sarah Dopson, AA head of group fleet, said: “Not only is the new Ford Focus attractive to us in terms of its cost-effectiveness, but it is also ideal as a car for tuition purposes and learners are attracted to the AA Driving School as a result. The new Focus is a perfect stablemate for the Fiesta.”

Ian Watson, Ford’s direct sales manager, added: “The car in which you learn to drive leaves a lasting impression on you and Ford is of course delighted to have been associated with the AA Driving School on an exclusive basis for many years. We’re sure that the new Ford Focus will prove every bit as popular with students as the Ford Fiesta and the previous Focus.”

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