Movano-e completes electric van line-up at Vauxhall

Vauxhall has released the first details and images of the all-new Movano and Movano-e, the first large Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) from the brand to be available as a fully-electric variant. Both electric and diesel versions will arrive in the UK later this year. The third generation Movano is available as a panel van, crew cab and chassis cab. With the Movano-e, customers also benefit from zero emissions-in-use running, low running costs as well as a range of up to 139 miles (WLTP).

The Movano joins the Combo and the Vivaro as the newest members of Vauxhall’s LCV family. The Movano-e lines-up alongside Vivaro-e and, from later this year, Combo-e, meaning Vauxhall offers a fully electric version across its entire LCV range and remains on course to deliver an electrified version of all its cars and vans by 2024.

Paul Wilcox, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “I’m delighted to announce the addition of All-New Movano and Movano-e to Vauxhall’s award-winning LCV range. Large van customers are some of the most demanding in the business, but with its class-leading loading space, low running costs and wide range of body options, All-New Movano is more than up to the challenge of even the most demanding businesses and fleets.

“Crucially, with the introduction of All-New Movano-e, Vauxhall is now one of very few brands offering an electric variant across its entire LCV range, giving buyers the choice to go fully electric to suit the needs of their business and benefit from the environmental, ownership cost and user experience benefits they offer. As a brand, Vauxhall is committed to offer an electrified variant across its entire car and van range by 2024.” 

Featuring a 90kW (120 bhp) and 192 ft lb electric motor, the Movano-e is available with a choice of either a 37kWh or 70kWh battery, with ranges of 72 miles and 139 miles respectively under WLTP testing. Like Vauxhall’s other fully electric LCV models, Movano-e is exempt from current ultra-low and congestion charge payments. The zero emissions powertrain also allows businesses to save significantly on company van tax, with a 0 per cent Benefit-in-Kind tax rate.

The Movano-e’s lithium-ion battery is mounted under the floor between the front and rear axle, resulting in no compromise in load volume compared to the diesel-engined model. This positioning of the battery also results in a low centre of gravity, improving cornering and stability even when fully loaded.  A regenerative braking system that recovers energy when slowing further increases the Movano-e’s efficiency.

Panel van customers can choose from four wheelbase lengths (L1, L2, L3 and L4) and three height options (H1, H2, and H3), with load volumes from 8.0 to 17 cubic metres. Measuring  1,422mm between the wheel arches and 1,870mm between the side panels, the All-New Movano has set benchmarks for its rivals load bay dimensions.

On high roof H3 variants the rear doors have an unrivalled 2.03mm loading height, plus can be opened up to 270 degrees. The All-New Movano also benefits from one of the widest range of Gross Vehicle Weights in the large LCV class (2,800kg to 4,000kg) and a maximum payload of 2,100kg. The standard panel van has a single row of three seats, while crew cab versions benefit from second row seating that can accommodate a further four passengers.

The Movano is also available as a chassis cab, a chassis crew cab and a platform cab with a single row of three seats. These models provide a perfect base for a wide range of conversions, including tippers and dropside loaders.

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  1. I really hope VAUXHALL sells lots of their BEV Movano-e models.
    From the quoted specs for battery sizes and ranges it looks,on paper,like they each achieve roughly 2 miles per kWh,not very good compared to the much lighter BEV cars achieving 4 to 5 miles per kWh. But it’s a start!

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