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My Mazda is over 22k miles now, but I doubt that I will be replacing it any time soon, given that Mazda discontinued the 2 diesel a while back. Secondly, your mention of tyres recently led me to contemplate the forthcoming replacement of my front pair, where tread is getting low. My car is shod with Dunlop Enasave EC300 185/65 R15 ñ not a tyre I have otherwise come across, nor one, as far as I know, that is widely available. However, the vehicle handbook makes a big play on the claim that the tyre was specially developed for the car and strongly recommends that they are replaced like-for-like if performance is not to be compromised. Do you think this is likely to be true, or is it marketing hype, with an eye on the fat profits to be made distributing this rare tyre through Mazda dealers at non-discounted prices?


Call me a cynic, but Iím inclined to the latter view, and wonder whether they may be available under a different name, perhaps as part of the Dunlop Blue Response range which your message featured. That said, Iíve been very pleased with my tyres in the areas of grip, handling, economy and wear. In terms of my fuel economy, Iíve no expectation of ever hitting the 90mpg that you tease me with, but Iím hopeful that I will get 75mpg brim-to-brim. My instrumentation has always exaggerated the economy figures ñ the cumulative consumption is now showing as 81.9mpg, and yesterday I recorded 95mpg for the three-mile drive into town and 99.9 for the return. But the system is telling me flattering lies, which is why I rely on the brim-to-brim measure for realistic mpg figures. However, the on-board data is useful as it gives me real-time comparative information on my economy, even if in absolute terms, precision is lacking. 


Bill Lawrie


Hello Bill,


In the 185/65/15 size for your Mazda2, the Dunlop Enasave E300 are label rated B/C/67 for rolling resistance, wet grip, and noise (dB) and cost a jaw-dropping £117.50 at one web-based supplier (I could not find them at MyTyres or Black Circles), which compares with the Dunlop BlueResponse rated B/A/67 for £54.80 and Goodyear EfficentGrip Performance rated B/B/69 at £55.60. So you would be better off regarding wet grip and £60 a tyre better off with either of the latter. Both get generally very good reports. I have used these particular Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance on three different cars and found them to be economical, quieter than Michelinís Energy Saver + (and £10 cheaper), as well as long-lasting and very nice to drive with. As you suggest, are Enasave actually Dunlop BlueReponse with another name?


Outside of the MPG Marathon, I have seen 78mpg on a trip of about 30 miles, not trying too hard, but stuck behind slow traffic. But 75mpg on a tankful is deeply impressive. 


Best regards


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