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Mixed feelings continue

DieselDear Doctor, I write with further reference (DC Issue 339 Mixed Feelings on Diesel Brands) to economy, performance, and source of fuel. I have progressed with the Tesco diesel trial in so far as running down the BP fuel that I had in the tank and partially filled with your (Tesco, but with Millers. Doc) favourite. The mix is now 87 per cent Tesco to 13 per cent BP. I will not be able to conduct a definitive trial until we return from an extended trip to the land of the SNP, but initial results suggest that you are quite correct, in that the usage rate seems to be unaffected. It will be well into the summer before I will be in a position to have at least two sets of results from my usual local routes. I shall think of you the week after next when we pass by Glenfiddich and Glen Grant, east of Inverness. There are quite a large number of single malt distilleries in that small area in, and south of, Keith, as you may well know. A few days later we are scheduled to spend a few nights in Brora – home to Clynelish Malt – not that I imbibe myself in the amber nectar
Malcolm Billings.

Thanks for the update Malcolm. I look forward to further reports. Doc

I should explain to readers that I had a few unpublished exchanges with Malcolm regarding the subject of malt whiskies! This is not the place for extended comment on my (modest) drinking habits, but for any readers with a palate for the stuff, I can highly recommend Dalwhinnie 15-year old, for anyone who likes this kind of drink, but prefers it with a relatively low level of “peaty” aroma! Enough said! Doc.

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