MG’s GS SUV range starts at £14,995

98055mgMG Motor UK has officially launched its new SUV, the MG GS. Prices for the initial range of gasoline-engined cars start at £14,995 and rise to £19,495 for cars with a manual transmission and £20,995 for the automatic DCT (dual-clutch transmission) models. There is also a full five year factory warranty as standard on the GS, which MG says has been designed and engineered at Longbridge in Birmingham.

The MG GS is available in three trim levels, with an option of manual or DCT on the top specification. The MG GS Explore has cruise control, automatic headlamps and air conditioning, while the MG GS Excite also has a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors, with prices starting at £17,495. The top-of-the-range MG GS Exclusive is available with a choice of transmissions; 6-speed manual or MG’s first 7-speed DCT gearbox. Leather sports seats, that are electrically adjustable, and an iGO navigation system are also standard, The manual is available at £19,495 and the DCT at £20,995.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “This is a great day for us, as we can finally share the information so many people have wanted to know. The MG GS is competitive in many ways and we are confident it will do well in the SUV market.

“This car offers so much for comparatively little, making it the SUV to choose. The specification on these cars is phenomenal and when you add in the five year warranty it’s a no-brainer. There are some really great features as well, such as the adjustable rear seats that not only recline but fold completely flat making it adaptable for whatever the customer’s lifestyle.

“Customers choosing the MG GS will save money over more expensive SUVs. They will have all the specification they could want and still have money left to enjoy holidays or family days out.”

The MG GS will be on sale in MG dealerships across the country from Thursday 16 June.

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