Maxus presents the all-electric EV80 in Hannover

Maxus, the light commercial vehicle manufacturer and subsidiary of China’s largest vehicle manufacturer SAIC Motor, will showcase four variants of its new range of zero-emissions EV80 battery electric vans at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover later this month (20 to 27 September 2018).

During its press conference on 19 September, Maxus will also announce details of a new strategic partnership in Europe. Throughout the show, two Maxus EV80 vans will be available for visitors to test drive.

Featuring newly-enhanced styling for the exterior and interior, the new EV80s will be displayed in chassis-cab, standard panel van, high panel van, and wheelchair-accessible formats. All are equipped with the same plug-in powertrain and high-capacity LifePo4 Lithium-ion battery that give the vehicle a range of up to 200 km, or about 120 miles (depending on configuration) and a charging time of just two hours while using a DC charger. The vehicle is equipped to enable both AC and DC charging capability as standard, for complete compatibility.

The standard EV80 model can be configured as a passenger bus, transporting eight passengers plus driver. The wheelchair-accessible EV80 has been developed in co-operation with leading European manufacturer AMF-BRUNS. Equipped with a bespoke lift system, it can accommodate four wheelchairs, or a single wheelchair with up to seven passengers.

Maxus says the EV80 is the only fully electric van in its class on European roads. In addition, Maxus says that unlike other suppliers of all-electric commercial vehicles of this size, Maxus is able to fulfil any size of order for major European fleets, thanks to its extensive production capacity in China. The technology of the EV80 is well proven, with electric Maxus commercial vehicles having been produced for Asian markets for several years.

Initial deliveries have already begun for customers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and other Europe markets will follow soon as Maxus accelerates its Europe-wide growth plans. Maxus says it will shortly announce significant agreements with several major Europe-based businesses for the supply of the EV80 for their vehicle fleets.

SAIC Mobility Europe, a division of China’s largest vehicle manufacturer, SAIC, starts its European activities with the introduction of the Maxus light commercial vehicle brand. Ahead of its full Europe-wide launch in 2019, Maxus is establishing partnerships with large organisations and major fleet operators that are looking to reduce their fleet emissions and vehicle operating costs.

Maxus says the total cost of ownership of EV80 variants will be comparable to their diesel-powered competitors, over the lifetime of the vehicles, helping businesses reduce their overall spend on fleet operations. Prices in Europe will start from €47,500, or about £42,500 (excluding VAT) with further details of whole life costs set to be revealed at IAA.

Pieter Gabriëls, Managing Director of SAIC Mobility Europe, said: “The IAA in Hannover is the first major international motorshow in Europe for Maxus and provides a major opportunity for us to showcase the true versatility of the EV80 platform, as well as its eco-credentials. We are on course to launch the brand fully in 2019 – part of which involves engaging with distribution and fleet partners, and we have very exciting news on that front to share at Hannover.

“With excellent range, zero emissions and a short charging time, the new Maxus EV80 is an ideal solution for business operating large vans. We help them to reduce fleet operations costs while cutting their carbon footprint to meet increasingly strict emissions regulations in European cities. The future is looking very promising for the Maxus brand, which will spearhead the arrival of the SAIC group in Europe.”

SAIC Mobility Europe is responsible for introducing a range of SAIC brands, products and services into Europe. The fleet division is making the Maxus EV80 available to more than 200 major fleet operators in Europe.

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